Water Stewardship

We will minimise the amount of water we use in our value chain, establish a water sustainable operation and set the standard for water efficiency

Becoming a water-sustainable business

Water is the lifeblood of our business. It is not only the main ingredient in all of our products, it is also vital to our manufacturing processes and is needed to grow the agricultural ingredients that we use in our products. We are committed to being the leader in water efficiency and our target is to use 1.2 litres of water for every litre of product we make by 2020.

We are reducing the amount of water we use by ensuring our manufacturing and cleaning processes are more efficient. In 2015, we invested more than £45,000 in technologies such as water meters, water mapping and monitoring and targeting systems, saving 13,920 m3. We have high standards for all water returned to the environment and we’re committed to ensuring that 100 percent of our wastewater is returned to nature. We are also working hard to invest in water-saving technology, such as the use of resin granules at our Edmonton site, which will save 11,520m3 of water per year.

We are also committed to protecting the water sources that supply our manufacturing operations and communities, replenishing our watersheds in areas of water stress by returning to nature the water used in our soft drinks through community-based partnerships.  In July 2015, we announced a new three-year partnership with WWF-UK and The Coca-Cola Company that will help to ensure a thriving future for England’s rivers. The partnership will see us tackle the impacts of agriculture on rivers and promote sustainable farming to protect two chalk stream catchments in East Anglia.

Our ingredients account for one of the largest shares of water that we use. To ensure the long-term availability of our key ingredients, we are working with our suppliers to improve agricultural practices to protect soil, ensure that our ingredients are grown and harvested in ways that protect working conditions

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The solar farm is helping to reduce our carbon footprint by powering 15% of our Wakefield factory’s electricity #solar #renewables

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