Sustainable Packaging and Recycling

We will support the development of the circular economy, use recycled and renewable materials and recycle more packaging than we use.  We will also champion improvements to collection schemes and supporting the recycling industry. In addition, we recognise that litter is a problem and we want to play our part in addressing it through partnerships with anti-litter organisations.

What We Are Doing

Packaging is essential to safeguard the quality of our drinks and ensure their safe delivery to our customers and consumers – and we are one of the UK’s biggest users of packaging materials. While most of it can be recycled, it is often needlessly thrown away and ends up in landfill. We are working to encourage people to recycle more, and re-use and reprocess old bottles and cans into new ones.

We continually work to innovate and redesign our packaging so that it becomes lighter, using less material overall, incorporating more recycled and renewable material, and remaining 100 percent recyclable.

We’re committed to improve packaging recycling rates, and a crucial part of this is encouraging positive behaviour change amongst consumers.  For the fifth year in a row, our popular recycling campaign, ‘Happiness Recycled’ helped to educate consumers on the subject of recycling through games, activities and performances. The campaign this year visited the South of England Agricultural Show and the Royal Highland Show.

In March 2016, we released the findings from a joint research partnership with the national anti-litter charity Keep Britain Tidy and its Centre for Social Innovation, investigating the littering behaviour of young adults. The research revealed four key influences for cause and prevention in soft drinks littering amongst 16 to 25-year-olds.

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22 May

The solar farm is helping to reduce our carbon footprint by powering 15% of our Wakefield factory’s electricity #solar #renewables

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