Our Sustainability Framework

At Coca-Cola Enterprises, we have a plan - Deliver for Today: Inspire for Tomorrow - which sets out our sustainability goals.

Our Sustainability Vision

We believe it is our responsibility to make sure that we work in a way that's sustainable and makes a positive contribution to the environment and society. 

We believe this is absolutely critical to our future success, and Coca-Cola Enterprises and Coca-Cola Great Britain each has its own set of global company-wide corporate responsibility commitments.

A Joint Sustainability Vision

We’ve made strong progress but we know there is still much more to do. We are committed to working with others to achieve our ambitious targets, with a stronger focus than ever before on promoting the wellbeing of our consumers.  In particular, our commitment to make Great Britain the first country in the world where 50 percent of the Coca-Cola we sell will be lower or no calorie. Together, we believe all of the actions we are taking will help more people make the right decisions for them and their families and we are focused on delivering on our commitments towards a sustainable future.

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22 May

The solar farm is helping to reduce our carbon footprint by powering 15% of our Wakefield factory’s electricity #solar #renewables

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