Sustainability Commitments

We are a local business, and employ 4,000 people across the country.  We manufacture, market, sell and distribute some of the most popular drinks in the world. We take corporate responsibility and sustainability seriously and are continually looking for ways to help address the concerns of consumers and the societal issues we face.

  • Key areas

  • Our Sustainability Plan

  • Our Priorities

    Priority 1: Deliver for Today - Our CRS commitments and targets remain at the core of what we do. We have made each of them more challenging, and delivering against them is what we are focused on day in, day out.

    Priority 2: Lead the Industry - While we want to demonstrate best practice across all of our commitments, we believe we can make the biggest difference in two specific areas: Energy and Climate Change and Sustainable Packaging and Recycling.

    Priority 3: Innovate for the Future - Our commitments are ambitious. We acknowledge that we won't be able to meet them all on our own, but we believe that collaboration with a wide range of partners on how we innovate for the future will help us find the answers. We will need to drive new opportunities for innovation, collaboration and partnership, and inspire people to think differently - both inside and outside our company.

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