We are a local business, and employ 3,600 people across the country. We manufacture, market, sell and distribute some of the most popular drinks in the world. We take corporate responsibility and sustainability seriously and are continually looking for ways to help address the concerns of consumers and the societal issues we face.

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  • Recycling Plastic

    Recycling and CCEP

    CCEP has recently marked five years since investing in a pioneering initiative to transform plastics recycling in Great Britain. Its partnership with Plastipak has allowed CCEP to use 25% recycled plastic in every bottle for the last 5 years. The anniversary comes as CCEP passed the milestone of sourcing 50,000 tonnes of food-grade recycled plastic (rPET) for its portfolio of products sold in GB.

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  • Stakeholder Progress Report 2017

    Stakeholder Progress Report 2017

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    Our stakeholders have high expectations of CCEP, and want us to address many of today’s social and environmental challenges. We value the insight that we gain from discussions with our stakeholders and have specifically sought their input to develop our new sustainability strategy for Coca-Cola in Western Europe.

  • Gender Pay Gap Report 2019

    As part of our commitment to build an inclusive and diverse business, we have been tracking gender pay for many years across our European operations and that information is publicly available through our stakeholder progress report.

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