Schweppes Signature Collection

'Schweppes' was founded in 1783 by a German born Swiss jeweller and amateur scientist names Jacob Schweppe, who discovered a way of producing carbonated water on an industrial scale.

The 'Schweppes' brand arrived in Britain in 1792 with the opening of the first factory on Drury Lane, London. Today Schweppes mixers are the most popular branded mixer in GB and can be enjoyed on their own or combines with alcohol or fruit juice. The Schweppes Slimline range offers no sugar versions of our classic carbonated drinks so you can enjoy a low-calorie drink without sacrificing.

Last year, Schweppes unveiled its biggest ever brand investment, which included the launch of a skittle-inspired bottle, a fresh new design that pays homage to the brands' 235 year heritage.

Schweppes Signature Collection Crisp Tonic Water, Light Tonic Water, Quenching Cucumber Tonic Water and Salty Lemon Tonic Water are delicious parings for premium spirits, delivering great tasting natural flavour for cocktails and mixed drinks.

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