Driving growth in the energy sector

Monster has built on the success of its core range by entering into new segments such as RTD coffee and performance energy, whilst also expanding its best-selling Juiced and Ultra ranges to bring new, exciting flavours to consumers.


Monster Ultra is now the GB’s number one low calorie Energy range[1] offering six fruity flavours with zero sugar, including a brand new flavour for this year – Monster Ultra Paradise. The Juiced range has also gone from strength to strength since launching in 2018, delivering against demand for new, exotic flavours in the category. The range expanded this year to include Monster Pacific Punch, which combines exotic tropical flavours with the renowned Monster caffeine kick.


In 2018 Monster launched a brand new ‘hybrid’ product – Espresso Monster. Already worth almost £6million[2], Espresso Monster is a delicious combination of real brewed coffee and Monster’s famous energy blend. Whilst not under the Monster brand, at the end of 2019, Monster entered the performance energy drinks sector for the first time with the launch of Reign Total Body Fuel.


[1]Nielsen Total Coverage MAT 28.12.19

[2]Nielsen Total Coverage MAT 28.12.19

Available Sizes

355ml, 500ml, 553ml re-sealable can, 550ml re-sealable wide-mouth bottle for Hydro

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