Glaceau vitamin-water


Spring waters with fruit juice, enriched with minerals and vitamins

It was 1996. It was the height of Britpop and two lads from Manchester were on stage at Knebworth singing Wonderwall to a quarter of a million people. In New York City, an adventurer, gadabout and humble genius named J. Darius Bikoff was suffering the one-two punch of raging thirst and low energy. En-route to a yoga class, Bikoff was feeling run-down and took his daily dose of vits with some water. The combination of flavor and nourishment inspired Bikoff to develop 'glacéau vitaminwater', an active lifestyle drink that's packed with nutrients, which was launched at the start of the new millennium. Bikoff's vision gave birth to glacéau, changing the beverage industry forever.


glacéau vitaminwater sunshine - citrus and guava, glacéau vitaminwater revive - fruit punch, glacéau vitaminwater defence - raspberry apple, glacéau vitaminwater power c - dragonfruit, glacéau vitaminwater essential - orange, glacéau vitaminwater multi-v - lemonade, glacéau vitaminwater xxx - triple berry - multi-v zero - sunshine zero

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