Capri-Sun is the number one lunchbox brand in GB

Capri-Sun is made with real fruit juice and contains no artificial flavourings, colours or preservatives.

Available in a multitude of juice based flavours in multipacks and single on-the-go pouches, as well as a new No Added Sugar variant, 2013 saw the launch of Capri-Sun Fruit Crush. Made with 75% fruit juice and 25% spring water, every pouch is one of your 5-A-Day.

In 2016, Capri-Sun Fruity Water was introduced to the range. Available in 10x200ml multipacks, with a choice of two flavours - Mango-Passionfruit and Blackcurrant, the new range benefits from vibrant packaging, encouraging greater stand-out on shelf and helping retailers to maximise their sales. A blend of three per cent fruit juice with water and no artificial colours or preservatives, it is the latest no added sugar variant in the brand’s portfolio, joining Capri-Sun No Added Sugar and Capri-Sun Fruit Crush. Its introduction comes as part of the brand’s commitment to providing shoppers with a range of options to meet their needs, as the demand for low sugar soft-drinks continues to rise.


Orange, Blackcurrant, Tropical, Summer Berries, Apple, Mango, Mango-Passion fruit

Available Sizes

200ml pouches, 330ml pouches

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