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Tuesday 09 July, 2019


  • Hawkins is coming to Shoreditch, as Coca-Cola launches a Stranger Things pop-up Arcade complete with authentic 80’s video games and a secret Upside-Down world
  • The first 800 guests to find the upside-down world will be able to get their hands on a limited-edition, upside-down Coca-Cola x Strangers Things can
  • The pop-up celebrates the launch of the partnership between the drinks brand and Stranger Things, which will see the story of ‘New Coke’ interwoven into Season 3 of the cult show

London, June 2019: Stranger Things is nearly back, and fans are raring, once again, to be transported back to the 80’s for a summer in Hawkins. As Stranger Things states - “One summer can change everything” and coincidentally, the summer of 1985 changed everything for Coca-Cola as well.

Launching on the 4th July, season three of the hit show will be set during the summer of 1985, when the whole of America, including Eleven, Will, Dustin, Mike, Lucas and the town of Hawkins, were talking about Coca-Cola’s latest release, “New Coke” – the introduction of a reformulated Coca-Cola, which received consumer protest and calls for original Coca-Cola to return, which it did in the form of Coca-Cola Classic as we still know it today.

To celebrate the partnership, Coca-Cola and Netflix are giving fans the ultimate chance to relive the 80’s and transport themselves to Hawkins via a Coca-Cola x Stranger Things Arcade; a pop-up gaming arcade that will feature some of the most nostalgic games in the show.

Guests will have the opportunity to win prizes via a live gaming leader board and enjoy Stranger Things photo moments, as well as Coca-Cola zero sugar, but the pop-up will not be all as it seems – a secret upside-down world will be hidden, only accessible to those with a Stranger Things eye!

And, for the first 800 who manage to enter the upside-down world, a limited-edition upside-down Coca-Cola x Stranger Things can will be waiting.

The Arcade will open its doors on the Eleven(th) of July at Shop 4 (Brick Lane, Spitalfields) and entry, play and refreshments are free.

Event details:

Date: Thursday 11th July 2019

Opening Hours: 11am – 9pm

Location: The Arcade, Hawkins, Shop 4, Brick Lane, Spitalfields, E1 6QR

Nearest Tube Station:Liverpool Street / Old Street / Shoreditch High Street

Event: Coca-Cola and Stranger Things welcome fans to experience the famous Arcade from Hawkins in London, offering the chance to play the original arcade games featured in the series and collect a limited-edition Coca-Cola x Stranger Things Upside-Down can*

T&C Overview: Entry to the Arcade is free. Visitors will be provided with Coca-Cola x Stranger Things tokens to play the arcade games.

*Only 800 ‘Upside-down’ Coca-Cola cans are available on a first come, first serve basis. Those aged under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

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