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Friday 24 May, 2019

Coca-Cola European Partners marks one-year anniversary of The UK Plastics Pact

As a proud founding member of The UK Plastics Pact, led by WRAP, Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) is this week marking one year since the pact was first introduced and the progress that has since been made amongst over 100 organisations that have signed up as members or supporters across the entire plastics value chain.

Since the pact was first introduced, a number of important initiatives have been underway across the country. These have been outlined in a new report published by WRAP to highlight the progress made by members to date. The report also details the pledges members have made to take action against the Pact’s targets in the near future. 

As outlined in the report, some of the action that CCEP has taken against the Pact’s ambitious targets for 2025 include:

Target: 100% of plastics packaging to be reusable, recyclable or compostable

  • All of CCEP’s plastic bottles are already 100% recyclable and the business is continually looking for innovative ways to reduce packaging waste
  • CCEP is working with other users of similar packaging to see how they can all collaborate to meet the business’ goal of making Capri-Sun pouches fully recyclable by 2025
  • CCEP has been running a trial with refillable systems at the University of Reading with its Coca-Cola Freestyle machines 

Target: 70% of plastics packaging effectively recycled or composted

  • CCEP has established a Recovery Management Office for packaging which acts across its European territory specifically to develop roadmaps to reaching 100% collection of its packaging in each of those countries
  • CCEP has been one of the core businesses leading in the debate on what an effective Deposit Return System will look like to enable high capture of materials
  • Over 500M CCEP bottles tops each year now carry a “Please Recycle Me” message to encourage consumers to recycle their plastic bottle
  • Continued support for the voluntary On Pack Recycling Label scheme, ensuring consistent communication on packaging recyclability
  • CCEP released a recycling-focused TV advert over the Summer - “Across the Tracks” and ran a high-profile digital campaign, #CokeDunks, throughout September – showcasing the importance of recycling to consumers
  • Partnerships with community groups and charities, such as Keep Britain Tidy and Keep Scotland Beautiful to support anti-littering and clean-up initiatives
  • CCEP is signed up to Operation Clean Sweep and has implemented best practice guidelines in its factories and with its suppliers to minimise the loss of PET pellets (or nurdles) into the ecosystem

Target: 30% average recycled content across all plastic packaging

  • On average, CCEP’s PET bottles contain around a quarter recycled content and the business has set a target to reach 50% recycled content by 2020
  • CCEP has made investments in new recycling technologies, Ioniqa Technologies and Loop Industries to provide high-grade rPET

These steps align with the business’ own sustainability action plan, This Is Forward, which launched in 2017 across Western Europe with the ambition to ensure that 100% of its packaging is recovered so more can be recycled and none is littered.

Nick Brown, Head of Sustainability at Coca-Cola European Partners GB, said: “Seeing the progress that has been reported from businesses and organisations up and down the country over the last year has been really encouraging and demonstrates how collaboration across the entire plastics supply chain can deliver real change.

“Minimising the impact of packaging on the environment is at the top of our business agenda at CCEP and we’ve taken a number of important steps as part of our sustainability action plan, This is Forward, to help educate and encourage consumers to dispose of their packaging responsibly, as well as keeping plastic waste off our streets and out of our waterways. While the progress evident across our business and the industry as a whole is a step in the right direction, we understand that there is still more to be done and are committed to continuing our work with local and national organisations to help transform the UK plastic packaging system.”

Marcus Gover, CEO, WRAP, said: “When we launched The UK Plastics Pact a year ago, we knew that we had a monumental task on our hands. Tackling plastics pollution remains high in the public consciousness, and citizens quite rightly want to see action from the businesses that put plastic packaging onto our supermarket shelves and into our cafes and restaurants. So I’m delighted to celebrate the first anniversary of the Pact by revealing the huge array of initiatives members have been working on over the past year.  

 “The first year was about building solid foundations and setting a clear direction of travel for collaborative change. Moving forward there will be tough decisions to make, new innovations to foster, and investment to be made – all at great pace and with an urgency that reflects the scale of the problem we are tackling. Our members have shown they are up for the challenge and we have great momentum to propel us forward. I’m convinced we are on the way to transforming forever the way we make, use and dispose of plastic.”

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