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Friday 09 September, 2016

Welcoming a new generation of apprentices

This week, we celebrated the final phase of our 2016 Field Sales Apprenticeship recruitment programme with a welcome event at the Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) Head Office in Uxbridge, heralding the arrival of 10 new apprentices who will either be working as sales reps in the Convenience channel or sales reps in the Customer Hub, Peterborough.

We launched the scheme for the first time in CCEP history last December, as an alternative route for new talent to join the business. An initial campaign called ‘Market You’ saw college and sixth form students from across the UK tasked with promoting their hometown. We saw some truly innovative and well thought-out ideas drawing on mediums such as posters, videos, songs and blogs – all of which demonstrated the great breadth of creative talent we have here in the UK.

The students behind our favourite of these campaigns were then invited to Youth Event Days, where we held a series of interactive up-skilling workshops. Over 100 students took part in activities including how to give a three-minute elevator pitch and developing key interview techniques – skills that we hope all of the students can draw upon in the future, helping develop their confidence as they embark on their next steps after college.

Finally, a total of 42 students were invited to Assessment Days, where we saw some incredible talent and were deeply impressed with the calibre of all students involved. Our 10 new apprentices were selected from this final group.

During the welcome event, our new recruits were able to hear directly from CCEP’s Field Sales team and were taken on a journey through ‘a day in the life of a Field Sales rep’. We believe that it is vital to offer students the opportunity to engage with those already in the world of work to gain real insights and develop a greater understanding of the business. This is something we strived to incorporate at each stage of the recruitment scheme, and encapsulates our passion for nurturing young talent by combining work with study.

The welcome event was also a great way for myself and everyone at CCEP to reflect on the scheme, and to congratulate all of the candidates on their hard work. It’s been great to see how the scheme has developed over the course of the year, and to witness the progress made by the students at each stage - 97% of the candidates who attended events said they felt more confident about their future careers, which is something we are very pleased with and hope to build upon in next year’s scheme.

Here at CCEP, supporting the education and development of young people is a vital part of our work as a local business, and we understand the importance of providing valuable experiences to help educate and inspire the younger generation.

We’re thrilled at the success of our Field Sales pilot scheme, which engaged with local students in new and innovative ways, and provided an alternative route for young talent to enter the business. This supports one of our core values of encouraging a diverse workforce within GB and we’re excited to continue the programme in 2017 in partnership with MyKindaFuture.

In the meantime, we look forward to welcoming our new apprentices into the CCEP fold and watching them develop further under the guidance of our Field Sales team.


Meet Our Apprentices

Mariella Catling recently joined the Field Sales Convenience team at Coca-Cola European Partners, covering areas including High Wycombe and Hemel Hempstead, following her involvement in the recruitment programme.

Mariella knew before attending the Youth Event Day at Uxbridge that an apprenticeship was the natural next step for her following college, due to her desire to learn and gain experience directly in the working world.

She became increasingly interested in the role at CCEP after talking to current employees during the Youth Event Days, who she learnt had also started out in the business as apprentices. This stood out to Mariella as it highlighted the opportunities for progression within CCEP as well as the flexibility to get involved in different areas of the business.

During her day-to-day role Mariella supports around 130 accounts, where she assesses the customers’ business needs and identifies ways to help. The aspect of her role that Mariella most enjoys is being able to meet people that she wouldn’t typically come across and build strong customer relationships.

Communicating with different people every day has helped to develop Mariella’s confidence in dealing with a wide range of situations – something that she was able to build upon from the scenario-based activities run during the Youth Event Days. She also enjoys incorporating the selling strategies she learnt during the workshop events into her day-to-day role, and looks forward to developing these skills further as she strives towards a marketing position within the business.

Bailey Danahar recently joined the Peterborough Customer Hub, following his involvement in Coca-Cola European Partners’ Field Sales Apprenticeship scheme.

Initially, Bailey had his heart set on a career in acting after sixth form and was torn between getting a job, an apprenticeship, or going to university. When the opportunity was presented to him during a PSHE class in college to pursue an apprenticeship at CCEP, Bailey was immediately interested by the prospect of working with one of the largest brands in the world, and felt that it would be a valuable opportunity to expand his skill-set.

Bailey has always had a keen interest in business and studied it at both GCSE and A Level at Bourne Academy. He enjoyed being able to put into practise what he learnt throughout his studies and during the Youth Event Days, as well as developing his skills in promoting and selling.

Since starting in his role at Peterborough, Bailey has particularly enjoyed the element of selling and aims to continue working in CCEP’s outfield sales team, where he can draw on his love of working closely with people. He is also looking forward to using some of the techniques he learnt during the Youth Event workshops, such as problem solving to ensure customer satisfaction.

Bailey is looking forward to working within the CCEP network for many years to come, having noted the company’s commitment to its employees and their progression, and is particularly excited by the opportunity to travel that the role may bring.




An Vermeulen

VP, Field Sales


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