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Friday 03 November, 2017

Tackling the issue of litter; Coca-Cola European Partners and Keep Wales Tidy

Nick Brown, Head of Sustainability, Coca-Cola European Partners, Great Britain

Minimising the impact our packaging has on the environment is in our DNA at Coca-Cola European Partners. We know the important role we play in making sure as much of our packaging as possible can be recovered and recycled and one of the key challenges we face in making this a reality is litter.

We face too many litter issues in the communities we serve. All too often our packaging is found along roadsides, beaches or in waterways. Solving the problem of litter is a personal mission of mine. As a lover of our green spaces and as a parent, commuter, scout leader and keen cyclist, I hate it too!

Many reports tell us that when a place is clean and appears well cared for there are fewer instances of littering, we also know that when a community is mobilised it can generate a real sense of local pride. That’s why we work with community groups and organisations to help make it easier to properly dispose of used packaging and to educate litterers on how to dispose their packaging properly.

One of the initiatives Coca-Cola European Partners was proud to be involved with recently was Keep Wales Tidy and its Be Tidy campaign; a national clean-up campaign that ran throughout September. It’s a fantastic initiative, in which individuals of all ages and backgrounds are encouraged to come together and get involved in clean-up events running across Wales.

We supported as headline sponsor; helping to communicate the event, and we also supported the development and launch of a toolkit for schools across the country who to help children to understand the impact of littering and role they can play in creating a happier environment for everyone by reducing the amount of litter in school grounds and within the local community.

I was delighted to attend one of the litter picks at Borras School in Wrexham with Welsh Assembly Member Lesley Griffiths, Cabinet Secretary for Environment and Rural Affairs and Shane Hughes from Keep Wales Tidy where we also launched the litter toolkit. I was amazed at the great understanding and compassion pupils shared about litter. It’s a complex issue, and not one that can be tackled overnight but if we want to eradicate litter within a generation, we need to fight it town by town, street by street, school by school to create a better and cleaner future for tomorrow. 

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