Sites and Offices

Distribution Centre

Our Distribution Centre in Northampton, which opened in 1993, can store over 24,000 pallets of our products.  It is chiefly the storage location for goods manufactured at our Milton Keynes factory and also holds products from across Britain as well as some imports.

Northampton distribution is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, receiving inbound loads from our factories and despatching outbound loads to our customers.  Typically, the site manages 160 vehicle movements every day and this can flex up to over 200 during busy periods.  We have enough parking spaces in the yard for over 100 trailers.  Every year, we estimate that 1 million pallets pass through the distribution facility.

Teamwork is critical at Northampton.  We use a fleet of fork lift trucks and a range of different types of storage equipment, to make sure our warehousing activities are efficient and safe.

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